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To critique is to express an opinion or judgement about a piece of artwork, book, film, etc. Artists often consider reviews an extra set of eyes on their work. They use them to understand how their art is being received by the audience.

At Homespun and Hands-On® we like to think of our products as our works of art, and we'd love for you to critique them because we value your opinion! We'd appreciate if you would let us know which product you tried and all about your experience.

We can't wait to hear about your fun adventures in fine art!

We'd also love to see your budding artists' masterpieces! You can upload your images here and one of our our hands-on specialists will happily display them for you in The Gallery. Please include the name and age of each artist and attach the images in JPEG format. Images will be thoughtfully curated and one lucky child will be chosen as 'Featured Artist' each month.


The Reviews

Reviews for 'Van Gogh in Clay' Hands-On Kit 'n' Kaboodle™

"My 8 year old loved creating her own “Van Gogh."  She really enjoyed the variety of clay tools that were included for her to create her own masterpiece. The directions were well written and easy for her to follow. Thank you!"

​Stephanie W.

Homeschool Mom

"I haven't ever seen a project that was as complete, enjoyable and informative as the Kit 'n' Kaboodles! The presentation was both appealing and functional. There were more than enough materials to do the project and it was very easy to store the remaining supplies in the original box when finished. Even without any experience working in clay, the quality tools made creating an impressive artwork delightfully simple. It provided for a beautiful finished piece of art while giving information on Van Gogh and his techniques! I would definitely recommend this project to others!"

​Deanna P.

Homeschool Mom

"One thing I was super excited about was that the kit was definitely age appropriate for my girls (ages 13 & 14). This isn't something that you just pick up at your local big box store. It's a really easy and fun learning experience rich in art and the artist... Van Gogh."

​Catherine W.

Teacher, IEP Advocate, and Former Homeschooling Mom

"Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles are a great way to spend quality time with your kids! My kids and I loved working together on the Van Gogh clay projects. I loved the electronic free time I was able to spend with them. They are perfect and filled with fun, creative, educational things to keep kids busy. I recommend these kits for children of all ages."

Amy S.
Mom, My Four and More Blog

"My 7-year-old son thoroughly enjoyed this engaging activity that allowed him to create his own masterpiece using beautiful wooden tools and high-quality, non-toxic paint. Now when my son sees Starry Night he yells 'That’s one of van Gogh’s paintings!'”

Annette R.
Homeschool Mom, Entrepreneur

"As a grandparent I am always looking for fun things to do with my grandchildren that pull them away from technology. Thank you for still engaging the imagination in children."

Lynn M.
Grandmother, Entrepreneur

"We were able to try the red, yellow, and blue levels. Each comes with the same materials; the 'kaboodle' changes to meet the child's developmental level. We were blown away by the quality of the tools and materials and I adore the art my children created."

Mary Anne K.
Mom, Mama Smiles Blog 

"I bought the red level Van Gogh In Clay kit for my four-year-old son, and he completely loved it. Previously, he hadn't shown much interest in art projects, but now he hasn't stopped talking about Van Gogh since we finished the kit. The final clay piece sits perfectly on the shelf in our living room. It continues to be the center of conversation whenever anybody is over."

Jaimey P.


"Wow! Where should I begin. My 5 year old twins LOVED the Van Gogh In Clay kit. I thought that they might be too young for the kit but they weren't at all. They listened to me as I read who Van Gogh was. They loved the clay and getting dirty. This was exciting and educational at the same time. I also like how it's an interacting play between the kids and the parents. I highly recommend these kits!"

Rocio O.

Mom, Mom Duty Blog

"What an Amazing Kit!! We recently finished the Van Gogh in clay kit - what a fantastic, hands-on way to learn! The kids had so much fun with their kits and can't wait to make more masterpieces with the remaining material. Even if you know absolutely nothing about art or Van Gogh, this kit will make you feel like an expert!"

Dana V.

Mom, The Art Kit Blog

"Wow...what amazing kits! I love the high quality materials that are included in this kit. The Van Gogh information is perfect for the ages listed on the box. I love the visuals included as well! My 7, 6 and 4 year olds know so much about Van Gogh now and really enjoyed working with clay and learning how Van Gogh painted. Bravo Homespun and Hands-On!"

Kim R.

Mom, Former Public School Teacher

"My 5 yr old and 3 yr old daughters loved working with the wet clay and paints - especially the bright colors of the paints! My 5 yr old was also really into hearing about the life of Van Gogh and even excitedly retold parts of it to her father at dinnertime! The paint brushes and clay tools are a very nice quality and we will definitely enjoy using them for many more projects to come. Once you give kids the tools, they can go off in all kids of creative and unique directions!"

Kathy W.


"My sister got the Van Gogh kit for my 6 yr old daughter and she just adored it! She learned about the artist as well as how to use different ways of making designs in her clay. After the clay dried she got to paint it and then put a seal on it. She now shows it off to all our guests when they enter the living area! These kits are lots of fun for everyone and the finished product gives the child that pride and confidence that every person needs whenever they show off what they made!"

Jess B.



Reviews for 'Paper Cutout Dagwood' Hands-On Kit 'n' Kaboodle™

"My 10 year old daughter loves paper crafts and this did not disappoint!!! The supplies were so easy to use and great quality! It’s hard to find good art quality kits and this surpassed my expectations! We truly loved this kit and can’t wait to try another."

Stephanie W.
Homeschool Mom

"The Paper Cutout Dagwood is a wonderful project for kids of all ages! The tools were well made and easy to use and the Kaboodle was interesting and engaging. We all learned a lot from it. Four of my kids (ages 7-15) did this project and they were all easily able to make unique, beautiful and art keepsakes. The comprehensiveness of this kit made it simple and enjoyable for all. We had a great time doing this project together and are very happy with the finished pieces of art!"

Deanna P.
Homeschool Mom

"Lots of fun! I bought the red level kit for my five-year-old son, and he loved it. He's at the stage where he asks 100 questions a minute. The content was easy to follow. It was nice to get away from all the electronics for a while. If you are thinking about grabbing this for your kids or grandkids, I'd definitely recommend it!"

Tommy B.
Dad, Marketing Executive


Reviews for 'Colorful Felt Friends' Hands-On Kit 'n' Kaboodle™

"My children absolutely love these kits. It brought out their artistic creativity. The packaging was put together so nicely and included all the materials my children needed to complete their masterpieces. Truly a wonderful idea especially for homeschoolers!"

Tammy P.
Homeschool Mom

"My 5 year old daughter loved, loved, loved this kit!!! I really can’t say enough good things about! The materials are such high quality art supplies and she was able to do most of it herself, though we loved doing it together. Thank you so much for a great product, she’s super excited to try another one."

Stephanie W.
Homeschool Mom

"We loved that the kit was so complete and organized! The quality of the materials is superb; Imagine kids' scissors that actually cut! I was particularly pleased with the weight and workability of the felt squares. The kaboodle was informative and engaging. Specifically, I appreciate the color wheel segment in this kit! What a wonderful way to teach about color harmony and theory! It was especially satisfying to have a presentation ready end product"

Deanna P.
Homeschool Mom


Reviews for Hands-On Whatnots™

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Reviews for Hands-On Wearables™

"I loved receiving my messenger bag, it's beautiful with the details of children's hands."

Lizbeth S.


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