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  • Colorful Felt Friends - Boredom Buster

    Our Colorful Felt Friends Hands-On Kit™ includes Coloring My Little World Hands-On Kaboodle™.


    That's why we say, "It's the whole kit 'n' kaboodle!"


    What's more fun than a family adventure with the fine art of color theory, where children can find themselves literally Coloring My Little World? Children delve into the complexity of color in the world around them using our Colorful Felt Friends Hands-On Kit™. As they explore the organizational qualities of color through observation of the modern color, children enjoy solving a color puzzle — which in the end becomes a functioning color wheel. They discover many thoughtfully-designed color combinations and learn the names of and formulas for a variety of basic color schemes, which they then use to very specifically and artistically arrange a fiber art project with color harmony in mind. Children take great pride in creating their masterpieces of fine art when they trace, cut, design, and glue with Colorful Felt Friends!

    Includes: Coloring My Little World Hands-On Kaboodle™.



    • Hands-On Directions™
    • Natural Burlap Substrate (12" x 36")
    • Brightly-Colored 100% Wool Felt Palette (12/colors)
    • Felt Friends' Pattern Stencil Sheets (2)
    • Stainless Steel 'No-Slip Grip' Scissors
    • 1 oz. Glass Pots of Fabric Glue (4)
    • Sustainable Wood & Bristle Paintbrushes (3)
    • Sustainable Wood Dowel (14")
    • Sustainable Wood End Caps (2)
    • Twine
    • Metal Tapestry Needle
    • No. 2 Pencil
    • Color Theory Guided Instruction and Visuals
    • Making Sense of Color Handout and Answer Key


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