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A Little Bit About Me &

My Fun Adventures in Fine Art for the Whole Family

I've always loved — and lived — fine art! I am an artist! I've studied fine art, I've taught fine art, and I've created fun adventures in fine art for my family — plus oodles of other families too!


Now, I'd like to share those adventures with yours.

Cheryl M. Owens, aka MommyO 

Mom / Founder & Executive Director

WOW! I just realized my entire life has been one perpetual fun adventure in fine art!

How lucky am I? As a child, I grew up immersed in art; eventually realizing that my true passion was for fine art and art history — both of which I had the good fortune of being able to pursue during my college years. It's probably no big surprise to you that I wanted art for my children beyond the level of pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and Popsicle sticks. I thought it very important to help them feel like 'real artists' by providing them with high-quality tools and materials comparable to those which I would use. I was heartfelt about providing art fundamentals, history through the art and lives of the great masters, and most of all — something we could enjoy together as a family.

Inspiration for my budding artists!

Helping my children explore fine art, and encouraging them to create their own fine art inspired them to also love learning. I mean — really LOVE learning! On top of that, as we enjoyed our fun adventures in fine art at home — nestled in the foothills of Vermont — word began to spread throughout the community about my high-quality, hands-on approach. In no time, parents were clamoring for art with MommyO for their children.

My Little Budding Artists

Matty, Meggie & Mikee

What I learned from sharing fine art!

I can't say I was surprised to learn that while the majority of parents recognized the developmental benefits and the educational value of fine art for children, most of them facilitated little to no art with their own. Furthermore — of those, all felt they (themselves) either weren't artistic enough to create fine art, didn't know enough about art history, or were too busy to find the time to create a meaningful experience.

A Class of Budding Artists

 Mask-Making — Richmond Free Library

Parents appreciate the fun adventure for their children!

Parents couldn't thank me enough! Aside from their children adoring my fun adventures in fine art, they were also impressed that I provided only the highest quality instruction, tools, and materials. I realized that parents not only wanted inspiration for their children, but they also wanted a meaningful artistic experience and high-quality pieces of fine art that make beautiful art keepsakes of which their children could be proud.

High-Quality Art for Ages 5-13

'Paper Cutout Dagwood' Project

Fun for Children

Effortless for Parents

How I could get this to parents and children everywhere?

Wow, it was an epiphany! Most parents wanted the same thing for their children that I wanted for mine. After that, the next logical step was to lovingly package my fun adventures in fine art (by hand) in a really cool box for all parents. Making it perfectly simple for them to inspire their budding artists, create fun together time for the whole family, and collect priceless art keepsakes from that fleeting time we call 'their childhood.'

So, I set out to find a way — and I did!

Now parents and children everywhere have access to my fun adventures in fine art using Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles from Homespun and Hands-On®.

A Few of My Priceless Art Keepsakes

Created long ago by Matty, Meggie & Mikee! Forever cherished by MommyO!

'Paint My Pet Portrait'

'Recycled Shoe Art'

'Paint Mixing a Patchwork'

'Byzantine Empire Mosaic'

'Painting Me — Self-Portrait'

'Tissue Paper Caterpillar'

'Van Gogh in Clay'

'My Favorite Character Acrylic'

'Clay Portrait'

'Painting Just Like Jackson'

'Sculpting a Friendly Gargoyle'

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