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Give your budding artists quality materials and watch them bloom!

At Homespun and Hands-On® we applaud you for recognizing the importance of art in the development of your children. We're here to provide you with what you need to encourage curiosity, spark imagination, and foster creativity for your budding artists. If you want your children to blossom through art, we suggest giving them the best artistic experience possible. One that will allow them to make true masterpieces of fine art. That's why you'll find plenty of creative inspiration and only the highest quality materials in our Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles — in other words, everything you need to create fun adventures in fine art for the whole family. 


Why is fine art from Homespun and Hands-On® important for the development of your children?

Our adventures in fine art are so much fun; they evoke a love of learning for children of all ages.

We include every VARK learning style, which promotes holistic brain development.

We specially design our tools and art adventures to aid in the development of fine motor skills.

You can easily encourage a problem-solving skill set with our fun adventures in fine art.

You'll be able to tap into art as a way to encourage emotional well-being for your children.

We help you create adventures in fine art that will grow your children into innovative thinkers.

Parents are talking about their fun adventures in fine art using Homespun and Hands-On®!

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