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At Homespun and Hands-On® our focus is helping you provide fun adventures in fine art for the whole family. Below are some FREE resources that we think you'd love to have. Click on the image to view and download anything that might be useful to you. And remember, what's important to you for your family adventures in fine art is important to Homespun and Hands-On®, so contact us if you're not finding exactly what you're looking for! 


Clever Craft Recipes


Paints Recipes

Paper Fastener Recipe

All-Natural Face

Paint Recipe

Craft Closet Staples

Craft Closet

Material List


Pumpkin Template

Monet Flower


Crabby Cupcake

Coloring and Cutout


Fish Template


Cool Creative Activities

How to Visit

A Museum

Simple Fun Fall

Connect the Dots

Warm and Cool

Colors Activity Pages

Spooky Halloween


Fun Fall Connect

the Dots Challenge

Scissor Skills

Have you ever watched your children struggling to use scissors? We've put together a resource to help you guide your child through scissor safety, use, and practice. The resources are leveled according to information based on developmental ability, which is categorized by age.

Scissor Skills

Red (Ages 5 - 7)

Scissor Skills

Yellow (Ages 8-10)

Scissor Skills

Blue (Ages 11-13)


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