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"Everything is in here, so you don't have to know anything. I tell parents if you can read to your child, you can teach your child using this product."  -Cheryl Owens

"If parents take an interest in their children's education, it only helps for children to become interested in their own education."  -Cheryl Owens


Kids VT Magazine

"Cheryl Owens is taking her approach to the masses with [...] a collection of lesson plans, games, projects and materials that can be used by parents, teachers and caregivers."

Mom Duty Blog

"What I love about this kit is that my kids get to learn about who van Gogh was as an artist and how to paint like him."

Mama Smiles

"I am a big fan of offering children high quality art materials, and we were all impressed by the materials in the 'Van Gogh in Clay' kits."


My Four and More

"Although the actual project itself was a load of fun, I think the quality time we had from the time we opened the box until the time the last paint brush was washed was the absolute BEST!" 

The Art Kit Blog

"I was so impressed with the quality of instruction and how easy they made it to teach the children about Van Gogh and his techniques."

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