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We value 'word of mouth' referrals so much that we've put together a generous affiliate program. What exactly is an affiliate program? It's really quite simple! When you sign on as one of our affiliates, every time you refer a customer our way, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale.

Once you're signed up, you can literally start earning extra income in just a matter of minutes because we give you everything you need to start spreading the word right away. We consider our affiliates to be our partners — and realize that your success means our success — that's why we're here to support you all along the way.

Our high-quality products are so unique that your friends, family, website visitors, and social media followers will thank you — and so will we! We'll pay you a scaling commission rate that increases as you sell more. Commission rates start at 25% and can get as high as 35% based on your sales.


25% of the total sale*

$1-$500 products

 30% of the total sale*

$500-$1000 products

35% of the total sale*

$1000-$1500 products

*Total sales calculated on a monthly basis. Product count resets on the 1st of every month.

So, does working with Homespun and Hands-On® sound like a good fit for you? Please read our Terms & Policies before applying to our affiliate program. Then, click the button below to join and get your affiliate link. We carefully review all applications and only accept those that align with our brand's image. 

Free shipping on orders over $200!

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