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Besides being super fun — why buy a Hands-On Kit 'n' Kaboodle™?

We're Unique!

Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles offer fun adventures in fine art that can be enjoyed by every member of the family — no matter their age. Not to mention, we guarantee that you won't find another art kit — in the whole wide world — that includes a kaboodle. And that's why at Homespun and Hands-On® we like to say, "It's the whole kit 'n' kaboodle!"

We're High Quality!

We believe children should be afforded the same quality materials as adults and that's why you'll only find the highest quality, artist-grade materials in each of our Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles! When your budding artists start with quality materials from Homespun and Hands-On®, they create fine-art masterpieces that they will be proud of and priceless art keepsakes that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We're Effortless!

Family life is frazzled! Let's face it — if you're a parent, you're a busy parent and chances are you're looking for ways you can make life a little easier on yourself. At Homespun and Hands-On® we've got it. Our Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles are 'simply perfect' because they provide every little thing you need (even the No. 2 pencil) — making it 'perfectly simple'  for you to create fun adventures in fine art.

We're Earth Friendly!

While red-yellow-blue are the colors of Homespun and Hands-On®, we take pride in being 'green' too! We avoid plastics at all costs and insist on only fully-sustainable, all-natural, non-toxic materials in our Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles. Plus everything we sell is contained in 100% recyclable containers; however, we encourage reusing and reinventing our packaging — it's way more fun that way!

What in the world is a kaboodle?

You've probably heard the word a million times; however, do you know what a kaboodle is? At Homespun and Hands-On®, a kaboodle is where you'll begin to create your fun adventures in fine art and it will be like nothing you've ever experienced!


In a nutshell, a kaboodle is a simple-to-use strategy for learning that includes guided instruction and interactive materials — designed to help parents encourage curiosity, spark imagination, and foster creativity for the whole family. Hands-On Kaboodles are so much fun, children will be naturally inspired to love learning! 


(But the learning part can be our little secret — wink, wink!)



Hands-On Kaboodles are available in three color-coded levels!

••• Red for Ages 5-7 •••    ••• Yellow for Ages 8-10 •••   ••• Blue for Ages 11-13 •••

So, you're sure to find one perfect for every child in the family!


Art For Ages 5-7


Art For Ages 8-10


Art For Ages 11-13

The information and activities within a Hands-On Kaboodle are leveled based on a skill set associated with the above age groups; however, we recognize that children are unique beings. Use your best judgement when choosing the appropriate levels — red, yellow, or blue — and remember that our certified hands-on specialists are always 'on hand' to help you with together time & learning!

But wait there's more! We offer you a 110% money-back guarantee if you're not 100% completely satisfied!

Try Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles™ at positively no risk to you!

Create a fun adventure in fine art for the whole family right now and put us to the test. We're so confident you're absolutely going to love our Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles and that you'll be coming back to visit us again and again — as well as telling every parent you know about Homespun and Hands-On® — that we're offering you a 30-day, 110% money-back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied.

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